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  • Amlan Sanyal added a new photo in Incredible India album
    • The Dancing Shiva
    photos 6 hours ago
  • Newton Saha added 6 new photos in Charak Puja/Gajan album
    • Buried Under the Ground
    • Worshipping the Charak Tree
    • The Little Devotee
    • The Charak Man
    • Little boy as Dhaki
    Charak puja is a traditional Bengali festival celebrated mainly in the rural areas. A festival dedicated strictly to penance, Charak puja stands uniqu
    Siliguri, WB, IN View larger map
    photos 11 hours ago View location
  • Next Photowalk >>> Coming Soon :)
    profile 12 hours ago
    Mother & Child ..........The best of two words in the world ,The most beautiful necklace a mother can wear is not gold or gems,but her child’s arms a
    Joypur & Basdevpur rangr near Bishnupur in the dist of Bankura View larger map
    photos 12 hours ago View location
  • ayan mukherjee added a new photo in MY WORLD OF CREATIONS... album
    • _DSC1993
    photos 13 hours ago
  • After a long time .. experienced local bus journey at kolkata... the main thing is changed what i noticed .. there is no more cfl lights or tube lights inside the bus.. now led lights are lightning ...:) except this.. all r same..:) that typical bus drivers are falling love with those irritating signals, office peoples are fighting inside the bus.. lots of risky overtakes... etc..:)
    profile 13 hours ago
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  • Rahul Chakraborty added 10 new photos in PEOPLE album
    • DSC_0689
    • DSC_0687
    • DSC_0673
    • DSC_0653
    • DSC_0646
    photos 14 hours ago
    photos 14 hours ago
  • Comment on the photo 56
    • Towards Countryside ----- It feels great when someone visit a vast,green field where several vegetables,crops,fruits are growing.It is so refreshing
    photos 18 hours ago
  • Mohamed Rafi added 4 new photos in Mohamed Rafi's Photos album
    • do not let the fear to choose your destiny
    • untold story
    • the last messanger
    • every artist is an illusion to the rest of the world
    photos 18 hours ago
  • Tridib Bhadra added a new photo in people and Place album
    • 56
    Human curiosity about natural incidents is eternal, sometime it adventures,sometime terrible or sometime gratifying . In the month of April at Dakshin
    Kolkata View larger map
    photos 18 hours ago View location
  • ঝরে গেল আজ বসন্তের পাতা, নিয়ে যাক সঙ্গে সব মলিনতা ।
    বৈশাখের সকালে, লাগুক প্রাণে আনন্দের এই স্পর্শ, মন থেকে আজ জানাই তোমায়
    “শুভ নববর্ষ”।
    profile 20 hours ago
  • abhighosh added a new photo in Festival....... album
    • _MG_4838 _1
    photos 20 hours ago
  • KOUSHIK BHATTACHARYA. added 2 new photos in PEOPLE & PLACES album
    • IMG_9192 (2)FG
    • IMG_5442gh
    photos 21 hours ago
  • Pathikrit Gupta added 2 new photos in Scope of my Lens album
    • City Lights
    • Aurelia aurita
    photos 21 hours ago
  • Avik Mukherjee added a new photo in Art is long; Life is What????? album
    • trisul e aatke surjo
    Live a view of an Artist...
    photos 21 hours ago
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  • Comment on the photo chandubi
    • Chandubi Lake is natural lake located in Kamrup district in the Indian state of Assam at a distance of 64 kilometers from the city of Guwahati. The la
    photos 23 hours ago